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What are the best free android apps to get for my htc evo phone? Is there a battery saver app?

It can be games, tools, or even a photo editing app. Since my phone drains a lot, someone told me about an app for saving battery, but I forgot the name of it, so what is the best app than can save/increase the battery life. thanks

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6 Responses to “What are the best free android apps to get for my htc evo phone? Is there a battery saver app?”

  1. ✖ nynyan ✖™ said :

    Photo Editing – Search Adobe in Android Market
    Battery Fu for battery

  2. Zach Morrison said :

    -“Photoshop Express” is a decent free photo editing app.
    -“Angry birds” is an extremely popular game that is free in the Android market.
    -“TuneIn” Radio is an application for listening to local radio stations, it uses the internet to get them, unlike the FM radio app that requires you to use headphones as an antenna, which doesn’t work very well.
    -“Shop Savvy” is a good product search/barcode search application.
    -“VoterMap” is a cool app for political discussions if you are interested in that sort of thing.
    -“Runkeeper” is a really nice exercise management application.
    -eBuddy is an IM client that can connect to anything from AIM, Yahoo IM, MSN, Facebook chat, ect.

    Those are some of my most used free applications.

  3. Stephen A said :

    To view the most popular apps either go to or download appbrain on your phone from the marketplace. is another site that shows popular apps. My favorite free apps are: Angry Birds, LauncherPro, Astro File Manager to name a few. There are a lot of different battery saver apps, but my favorite would have to be JuiceDefender.

  4. Finn said :

    TiKL is an awesome new “walkie-talkie” app that is free and is very entertaining. A good battery saver app is “Advanced Task Killer.” Also, check out facebook, ESPN sports and some of the free games are neat too.

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