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Best Android apps for my Nexus One?

I just joined the Android family with the purchase of the new Nexus One cell phone from Google. I wanted to know if anyone can suggest their best app picks for a phone like this?

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2 Responses to “Best Android apps for my Nexus One?”

  1. Brian F said :

    Give em all a try!

    Seriously, even the paid ones – If you don’t like a paid app, you can “return” it (uninstall it) within 24 hours and you will get a complete refund on the purchase. (Although you can only do that once per app – If you buy it again, you can NOT return the app.)

    My favorites include: Google Sky Maps, Shazam, Google Goggles, bebbled, Space Physics, FxCamera, Slacker Radio, Aldiko book reader, TuneWiki, Google Voice, FeedR News Reader, Daily Strip (comic strip reader), Meebo IM, Barcode Scanner (the Zxing Team one), Steamy Windows is a good time-waster, for old shows, SuperDial – WAY better than the stock phone dialer!, Pandora Radio, and of course Market Suggest which will look at what you have installed and suggest other programs you might like 😉

  2. mauvais écureuil said :

    For listening to music, is a good app. PicSay is fun for adding captions and adding little cartoon bubbles to photos. Twidroid is good for using twitter. Oh, and definitely download Layer for fun superimposing information over the camera using the GPS.


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