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How much should I charge a customer for a complete PC tuneup and removing viruses?

I have some customers asking me to repair their PC’s but I do not know how much to charge for services. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance

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8 Responses to “How much should I charge a customer for a complete PC tuneup and removing viruses?”

  1. Jenno said :


  2. trishs8189 said :

    I guess it depends on how extensive the work you have to do is. Our computer guy charges us anywhere from $20-$40. And he comes to our house.

  3. hellogoodbyeuk said :

    £25 an hour.

  4. hockey kid said :

    depending on how severe it is i would say around $60.

  5. J C said :

    These are the rates of a company in the UK
    Call out = £30 or about $50
    Then £25 per hour ($40) and parts with 10% mark up… They tend to do quite well… If the machine is brought in, then they charge £20 per hour ($35)… All of this is excluding VAT (15% tax)

  6. woodyslayer said :

    They will probably expect you to be cheaper than a pro so about $50.00 would be pair.

  7. Hmmmm said :

    depends on your situation and what you want to charge.figure out how valuable your time and knowledge is and compare to others doing the same thing.if there is no one you have the market cornered.
    in my case i have a choice of 3 people.the one i like and has always done the job for me charges $20/hr with 1hr minimum.he is not in the Business like i assume you are not.he just does it for extra cash.

  8. Bunts said :

    Tune-up and clean – about £25-30. A shop will charge £38 just
    for putting the PC on the counter, but then they have to pay
    tax and overheads. Add £5 after the first hour, and add
    travelling expenses over 5 miles.
    Make sure the customer understands these charges
    before you start.

    I would have happily paid that sort of money to get my
    computer sorted in the old days.


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