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How to transfer existing hard disk to new PC, and still make existing apps work?

I just got a new PC and transferred my old hard drive over. It is no longer the primary hard drive but the secondary one. However I find that most of my previously installed applications like games no longer work. How do I fix this without having to reinstall all the applications?

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2 Responses to “How to transfer existing hard disk to new PC, and still make existing apps work?”

  1. Doomster1961 said :

    You are out of luck on this one. You have to reinstall all the apps because the drive letter has changed which means Windows has no idea where anything is. Your Windows Registry , in the new PC, has no references to your old or slave drive and therefore you must reinstall the apps but if it is games or important data then backup the data from your slave drive and reinstall the data or saved games in the new directories that are newly created. Write down where the backup files came from (which directory) on the slave drive so that you can transfer them from the new drive to the old drive. This way if you have a saved game and put it back in the newly installed directory (where your previous games were installed) then you can use that saved game again. Good luck

  2. Vulcan_guy said :

    When switching to a new drive, you will need to reinstall the applications because applications update the system registry of the specific machine(s) they’re installed on.

    A program like Laplink PCMover would migrate the software from one computer to the other. But this requires BOTH machines (new and old) to be running simultaneously in order to transfer. It won’t work to move stuff from a drive that’s been connected just as extra storage.

    If you could boot up with the old drive in your old machine and new drive in the new machine, that’s the setup where migration programs can transfer the installed software.


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