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Is there a way to make pc to pc calls without downloading any programs?

I can’t download yahoo messenger or any other messenger. Is there anything like ebuddy or meebo that allows pc to pc calling?

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5 Responses to “Is there a way to make pc to pc calls without downloading any programs?”

  1. Connor S said :

    Nope. And why can’t you download anything? If you have internet, why not? Without internet you can’t even make calls.

    Best thing you can do is download Skype.

  2. Tony said :

    no you have to download software or go buy it at best buy or amazon and install it. now why can’t you instal it.
    you can have someone email you the program if you can’t download it.
    put it in a zip or rar compression and have them email it to you if you can’t download it but i like to know why you can’t download it.

  3. NIke Boi said :

    yeah sype lets you call another person anywhere in the world as long as they have the program and its for free and its video

  4. saviorsnake said :

    No… in the sense you’re probably thinking. You would need to use something like Skype or Yahoo! with Voice in order to make PC to PC calls in the fashion you’re thinking of.
    If you’re any kind of computer whiz, you could use NetMeeting, which comes packed with just about any installation of Windows.
    This really depends on if you plan on using this with a handset [a more traditional phone] or a microphone and speakers.

  5. _katy said :

    Skype. is great.. my family uses it and it is free.. the person you’re calling just has to have skype on their computer.. it is awesome we call our cousins everyday as they are in different countries.. their is also a little skype messenger which is kinda handy. very easy to use


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