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Is there anything I can download for free that will help my slow computer?

My computer is running soooo slow. I have pc doctor and sbc online protection, I deleted a bunch of old programs, but nothing works. Can anyone help me? What could be wrong?

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13 Responses to “Is there anything I can download for free that will help my slow computer?”

  1. simplysamiam said :

    Instead of installing more software, I would suggest spending a few bucks to get more memory. For about $50 you can get 512 MB of RAM, which would definately give you computer a boost. If you have detailed questions about how to do this, go to a computer store such as best buy and they will be glad to help you.

  2. hasan05842 said :

    it could be video files, mp3 (sound) files, or pictures,

    delete even more programs that u think that you don’t need, because they all take valuable space…

  3. Glenn N said :

    You mau also want to defrag your hard drive, make sure you are not running out of hard drive space, and see if you have spyware.

  4. kenbo said :

    As already mentioned, RAM would be one way to go.

    You could also try defragging your computer.

    Or, you could go to your Start button, go to Run and type “msconfig”. A new window will appear. Go to the Startup tab and see how many boxes you have checked off. If you have a lot, that could be slowing your computer down. All of those programs will load when you turn on your computer and they will stay on and use up your memory.

    If you uncheck a lot of them, this will free up memory as well as cut down on your wait time when you first turn on your comp. Just be sure not to turn off any firewall or antivirus protection. But if you have iTunes (for example) loading up, you can definitely uncheck that box so it doesn’t startup. When in doubt, leave it alone.

  5. lon m said :

    You definately should download a free spyware scanner and scan your PC. If you’ve never used one it can eat your PC resources alive. Try these :


  6. Tim C said :

    simplysamiam is right about the memory. The easiest and possibly the cheapest upgrade you can do is to beef up your memory.

    Additionally you should scan for Spyware. There are some really good spyware programs available on the internet.

    Another thing is to check how many programs you have running in the background. You can check what’s running and make changes by clicking on START then clicking on RUN. Type in MSCONFIG. when the window opens up select the STARTUP tab. There you will see everything that is loaded at startup. There you have the option of selecting which programs will be loaded upon startup. Be careful not to select all because some programs ,like virus scan, pop up blockers, firewall,etc, you will want to load up at startup.

  7. Satish said :

    A sluggish system might be of a lot of factors

    Try this steps

    update this software and run it… best tool to get rid of malware
    if possible… after update run in safe mode

    Run antivirus, defrag, tools like speed disk from norton

    use registry cleaner
    other tools can be

    Now.. the options that are not free:

    Main system boost can be additional RAM

  8. andsoitgoes1 said :

    The online suite, I think, has an antivirus program. If u have another system antivirus prog, delete it – add/remove software panel.

    If you’ve downloaded the Yahoo recommended ZoneAlarm, good for you. Did you remember to turn off the Windows Firewall??????????? — Control panel – Security Suite.

    1 AVS & 1 Firewall per PC.

  9. rojoe_58 said :

    go to download the cleanerit’s a free program

  10. Narek said :

    IT may be from malware but Im not sure. Try the programs others have mentioned. If it comes up clean or it cleans it and it is still slow defragment your hard drive. Start>All prgs>accesories>system tools>disk defragment. Make sure u defrag ur C drive

  11. great_firefox said :

    Hi, there are two reasons for the computer slow: one is that you install too many software, the other is that you have virus in your computer, which slow your computer. In later situation perhaps you can install Mcafee or Norton to protect your computer and remove the virus, but you need to pay for them.

    I also recommand you to use firefox with Google toolbar, which can disable the virus to run in your browser, because the virus can only run on IE.

    firefox can block any any poppus and disable any virus and spyware, adware on webpage, so, firefox is much safer than IE. as you know, most of the virus is spread throught internet and webpage.

    firefox is much smaller than IE, so i run faster than IE.

    download firefox for free:

    Best Wishes && Good Luck!

  12. easydovie said :

    By default, installing and uninstalling programs (of any kind) slow down the pc. This is because sometimes the install/uninstall process does not run as it should. This also has an effect on the registry.
    The problem can be solved by using programs such as repair registry and ad-aware, or many of the programs mentioned by some here, but this requires at least internediate skills to be sure you are doing the right thing.
    The fastest getaway to solving this problem is reinstalling windows, whereby you reset the registry and program/system files/folders.

  13. dietzel362000 said :

    Restore your computer,to an earlyer time.Or create another account,delete old one,or download


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