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this is a continuation to the question of my slow computer and keyboard?

My friend recently added the maximum ram to my windows 2000 professional computer. I don’t have a virus or spam problem. He set my computer to hibernate. And he told me not to turn it off. He thinks stopping and starting it is bad for the computer. I have Roadrunner internet and spybot and firefox to protect it. Microsoft also keeps sending warnings that an error has occured and shuts down my program. Could it be a browser problem?

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4 Responses to “this is a continuation to the question of my slow computer and keyboard?”

  1. Goth Reject said :

    That sounds like your OS (Operating System) got corrupted, possibly something changed a registry value on you.

    If you can afford it, you might consider upgrading your computer’s OS to XP Home or something (XP Home Upgrades are under $100)

  2. davidinark said :

    Turn off hibernation immediately. Unless you are turning on and off your computer a dozen times a day, you are not hurting your computer by shutting it down. Hibernation save a copy of whatever is running in your computer’s memory to your hard drive when you put it to ‘sleep.’ Yes, most of the time, this works fine. However, devices that go to sleep can ‘forget’ to wake up (my wireless card does this). Frankly, Windows is notorious for not cleaning up its memory as it loads and unloads programs… This creates a mess in your RAM unless you reboot (thus clearing out the RAM).

  3. jlbudweiser said :

    turning off comp is ok, sounds like a corrupt windows program,did you do a control+alt+delete to see how many processes are running(should be 32 or less)try running spybot search &destrot and ccleaner(both free)you may have an incomplete program trying to start, or just to many

  4. Sleesstus said :

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