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Took the wrong side panel off my pc when trying to get into the motherboard and now it wont start. Any ideas?

I’ve tested the power unit on another pc and it is working, so I think I must have dislodged a wire or something but can’t see any obvious loose connections.
Thanks to everyone who helped so far.
I have got the pc to start but something has happened and it won’t enter windows. It comes to the start/check screen and then freezes. Says press DEL to enter setup but nothing happens. Is there anything I can do?

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5 Responses to “Took the wrong side panel off my pc when trying to get into the motherboard and now it wont start. Any ideas?”

  1. jdinvis said :

    I don’t think ‘only’ taking the incorrect side cover off would have caused this, similarly, I can’t fathom how you might have dislodged a connection from this side.

    However, something has obviously changed! My only recommendation at this stage is to check ALL the connections to the motherboard, concentrating particularly on the power to the motherboard connector & hard-drive power and IDE cables. (If thats what you’re using).

    There aren’t that many connections inside a modern pc……a few, but not hundreds, so may be worth taking your time & checking them all.

    Hope you get it going.

  2. fox_squire said :

    When you say it won’t start, does it switch on at all? Does the Power light come on? Does it make any noise? Does it count the memory? How far, exactly, does it get? That would give people more clues.

    It’s likely you’ve dislodged something, taking the panel itself off won’t do anything, unless you’ve disconnected something by doing so. Try re-seating all the cables to make sure they’re in properly.

  3. Chuck Norris said :

    Come on admit it, when you said ‘Ive only taken the side off’
    you actually mean….

    well after i removed the side I took out the ram and oh yeh look pretty hard drive lets disconnect that too….

    ooohhhh processor let me just touch that – ZZZAAAAPP!!!!

    darn the bloody thing wont start!

    You need to give precise details for us to help!

  4. unfroze_caveman said :

    It sounds like your motherboard is grounding out against the frame of the case. I suggest that you unscrew the motherboard from the case, make sure you have the proper brass spacers that go between the MB and case, and then re-attach the MB to the case. Make sure to blow out the case, and that nothing else is grounding out the MB by touching the inside of the case.

  5. Geraint H said :

    your motherboard may have a chassis intrustion microswitch, if it does you need to reset the CMOS and then disable Chassis Intrusion in BIOS


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