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What apps would you recommend for my android?

im new to this app business and i want some apps for my new android phone. i already for a few gun ones but thats about it. i will take any at the moment till i get the hang of it. what apps would you recommend? any download links would be very helpful

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3 Responses to “What apps would you recommend for my android?”

  1. Nick said:

    AutoDeleteSms, Navigation, Facebook, Dolphin Browser HD, Movies, Google translate, and Handscent SMS are all great apps

  2. Bella said:

    definitely get “advanced task killer” – that will shut down any apps that you are not using at the moment. If you just exit out, they will still be open and then run your battery. I also LOVE pandora. It is amazing, free music and you can listen to it all day long. It does use data (internet) so if you don’t have unlimited internet, be careful.

  3. sam_f said:

    ADW manager is a great app if u have a version lower than 2.2
    tom the cat is a funny app too
    try google goggles for image recognition
    handcent sms is a great sms app
    u can also go to the market an browse apps by ratings.


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