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What are laser pointers ?

The laser pointer was created for the use in speakers and lecturers to focus attention on a particular part of the chalkboard or screen. These devices have become very cheap in the early 90s, and are now purchased mainly for the sake of being an electronic item.

Often, laser pointers use 630 nm wavelength of red laser diode, and are cheaply available. Handheld lasers usually output approximately five mw of power, which made them safe for safe for the use of consumer.

Green laser pointers normally have 532 nm wavelength and 50 time powerful than the red ones. They are visible in mid-air, and ranges as far as two and a half kilometers. Some laser pointers generate light at a wavelength more than the viewable spectrum. Then, the spectrum is filtered two times is the frequency to generate a much more visible light.

Cheap laser pointers along with other inexpensive devices, have been uses by hobbyist to create high-quality holograms. It can also be used in blinding security cameras. There are nations working on developing superpower laser pointers as weapons, but the United Nation made a resolution forbidding the use of lasers in war. These lasers are often called dazzlers.

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