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What are some great reasons to buy a PC computer instead of a Mac?

What are some of the best reasons to buy a PC. I have read articles against Mac. But what are some personal problems you’ve had with Mac or great features you get with PC’s that you cannot get with Mac?

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8 Responses to “What are some great reasons to buy a PC computer instead of a Mac?”

  1. Tony said :

    a mac is a (PC) personal computer

  2. Loren said :

    PCS are made for gaming and most things. you can do anything on PCS. Macs on the other hand aren’t really made for any gaming. Their for editing music and photo-shop. PCS can do anything a mac can just as well and more.

  3. blamay22000 said :

    A PC is more powerful, less expensive, and runs most software. Macs are proprietary garbage.

  4. arou42 said :

    In general PC’s are better for gaming, more widely supported, easily upgraded and have a much bigger range of software available ☺

  5. airdogspace2 said :

    Mac is run through Apple. If you want to get anything fixed or upgraded you have to go through Apple to get it done. I guess people that don’t really know a lot about computers don’t mind this.

    A PC (with Windows) is really under your control. If you want to add more RAM to make it faster you can, you order more ram and put it in. If you want a bigger hard drive, you can do it. If you want to install a Linix OS (free) you can. The PC is just more open because everybody uses it. The Mac is more tied down.

  6. Kahless said :

    Well with a Windows PC you can find a dozen or so types of anti-virus software to buy & install that will slow your Windows computer down and cost you extra money. There’s over 1,000,000 forms of Windows malware/viruses. There are 8 known Mac trojans and a few Mac anti-virus applications.
    PCs are usually cheaper to buy & cheaper overall as to reliability, tech support & customer satisfaction.
    There are more games for Windows computers, that’s about the only plus for them.

  7. hpgwdthefan said :

    There aren’t any, because anything you can do on a PC you can do on a Mac, literally. Because if you have the Windows operating system disc, you can literally run Windows on your Mac through Boot Camp (built in for free on every Mac) or something like VMWare Fusion ($50 ish bucks).

  8. Jason said :

    I wouldn’t believe those articles and neither any of these posts. There’s tons of software for Mac. The RAM and hard drive are upgradable. All you do is unscrew the bottom off and there it is. And don’t tell me you can’t play games with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M.


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