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What are some stylish gadgets ?

For the discerning gadget geek, style and design can be as important as function. Companies spend huge amounts on the design of gadgets these days; some of the success of Apple’s range of products can be put down to their sleek design. Lets take a look at some beautifull gadgets …

Sony Soutina

These stylish minimal speakers from sony will set you back a cool $10,000, the casing is made from glass and gives off sound in 360 degrees. The body also lights up in blue, amber and purple.

Source : Uncrate

Dell Studio Hybrid

Dell finally build a sleek stylish desktop, the Studio Hybrid is available in 6 colors or bamboo. It uses uses energy-efficient Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo Mobile Processors so its also their most environmentally friendly desktop.

Source : Dell

FAK3 360

FAK3 designed an elliptical cabinet that can rotate 360-degrees. On its two longer sides, it housed a set of keyboards and a desk; the two shorter sides accommodated storage and a television. Fitted with industrial strength bearings that can support up to two tonnes, the wooden cabinet rotates with the push of just one finger.”

Source : FAK3

Sony Roller

A funky mp3 player from sony with speakers that fold out depending which way you hold it, plus it dances to your tunes!

Source : Home Entertainment Magazine

Nemo LED Chain Lamp

At $595 this lamp from Iliara Marelli for Nemo Italianaluce is not exactly cheap, but I think you’ll agree it is a thing of beauty.

Source : Nemo via Technabob

Ovei home cinema pod

If you have $100,000 to spare and would like to cocoon yourself for the ultimate cinema experience then this could well be the gadget for you.

Source : Tech Radar

Simpletech Redrive

The Redrive is an external harddrive made from renewable, naturally grown bamboo and recyclable aluminum; the most recycled metal on the planet.

Source : SimpleTech

Salt & Pepper mills set, plus minus f

“Mills cases are suspended in mid air, above the base plate. it is effect of strong Neodymium magnet,s repulsion. inside of mill cases are composed of 2bodys. just case and floating plate. magnet builts in this plate. invisivle nylon line moor it to base plate. Floating plate stabilize strong at the point little bit inside of repulsion rang . now your pepper and salt mills are floating from the table. exordinary scene by simple magnet technique,inventive & new style. this product will be new landscape on your table.”

Source : Design Boom

Eleven The Game

This beatifull table football game would be a great addition to any home, the design resembles a modern football stadium and the chrome players set it off nicely.

Source : Eleven The Game via The Cool Hunter

Digital Clock Bookcase

This ingenious bookcase probably won’t actually hold any books – its designed to fit standard CD jewel cases but it does double as a large retro digital clock.

Source : Anka via Technabob

Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard

“Sure we’ve seen illuminated keyboards before, but then we saw the Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard and stopped looking. With 430 LEDs the Luxeed is capable of individually lighting each key in your choice of color. What’s more it can do some amazing tricks like an animated rainbow across all the keys, or make each key light when you press it.”

Source : ThinkGeek

Roksan Radius 5

“Available in transparent acrylic, lacquered walnut veneer and lacquered maple veneer the Radius 5 borrows elements and technology from Roksan’s world class record players to combine innovation and practicality in this stunning piece of design.”

Source : Roksan via

Alpha Television

“An LCD TV set with built-in DVD player, characterized by a design which reminds of the immortal decorative masterpieces of the Thirties”

Source : Brion Vega

VW One

“The Volkswagen One is the ideal car for people with an active, urban lifestyle. With its flexible chassis design, it fits into every parking space and joins together with other ones to form trains during rush hour that can be steered automatically past every traffic jam.”

Source : Yanko Design

Black Diamond Phone

“Black Diamond mobile phone for Sony Ericsson, encases the device under a layer of polycarbonate with mirror-finish cladding. The OLED technology makes for vivid illumination under the polycarbonate skin and makes a borderless screen effect possible.”

Source : Yanko Design

Digital Pot

“The Digital Pot measures soil conditions, temperature, humidity, and water; it then calculates the requirements of the potted plant and displays the mood of the plant using smileys and other icons on the front display.”

Source : Live Grids

The Cinepod

“The Cinepod is the ideal building block that eases planning a surround system for all your home cinema needs. Used as surround speaker or as dedicated centre channel, Cinepod can be added at any point to expand your system to all current standards which currently allow the use of up to 10 surround speakers in your home cinema.”

Source : Scandyna Speakers

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66 Responses to “What are some stylish gadgets ?”

  1. yougotadui said :

    I like the digital flowerpot… kinda cool. Too bad my house isnt this stylish all over.

  2. atrix said :

    i like some of sleek design product, and about that led keyboard reminds me back to the 80s .. hehe

  3. natalie said :

    I love this world. i want all these things. i lied the digi pot is a little too lazy for me. but everything else is sweet! “the way of the future….its hte way of the future….its the way….”

  4. vaibhav said :

    simply GR8 . . .

  5. Daz said :

    Has anyone got the money to purchase those speakers for me? Would love to hear how that sounds!

  6. Helena said :

    Who said girls can’t be total tech geeks?

  7. Jeff said :

    Yeah I am a bit of a gadget freak, I like the/ like the/ like the (BUMP) record player.

  8. skip said :

    Am I the only one that loved the 360 cabinet? That was too cool.

  9. Dlicioush said :

    Dear Santa…

    so for Christmas…I want…..

  10. jennXsomething said :

    i’d have to say my favorite one would be the LED rainbow keyboard.

  11. Mattress said :

    I really like the soil pot. Although when the pot has a frown it sort of looks like the chucky doll. That could become creepy after awhile.

  12. Jenny said :

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  13. sly said :

    gotta have that keyboard and plant pot thingy

  14. John Michael said :

    wow! really nice post! love the Dell Studio Hybrid!

  15. amel said :

    nice blog, i will back soon

  16. lahtanza said :

    I found lots of information on this blog

  17. seo packages said :

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