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What is the best free antivrus for my very slow computer tried avast no good tried?

norton and avg all three no good slows down my computer to much?

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4 Responses to “What is the best free antivrus for my very slow computer tried avast no good tried?”

  1. PEACE! said :

    download the free version is very good i use for a while now updates daily and has scanner as well runs nicely in background very easy on system

  2. smokin said :

    hi,google C.O.M.O.D.O. they have for free download their excellent ant-virus and strong firewall its also easy on the computer.cheers.

  3. seriousddneeded said :

    Dude sounds like you need to run three to get that old dog moving again.

    Do AVG Free like the last poster said.
    Then do Registry Booster by Uniblue
    and then do Adaware free from Lava soft.

    and then hit your start button and hit run and put in “msconfig”

    goto the startup and uncheck the boxes for the software you dont want loading at boot.

    I guess that was 4 things but,
    your machine should run alot smoother if you do these 4 things.


  4. selina said :

    My solution can help you to speed up PC, to make the system run faster and more stable, and to make more disk spaces.
    1.You should often clean up temporary files folder.
    This is because that several different applications will produce some temporary files by using the Windows.When you always surfing on the Internet, you might have frequently found the system disk got smaller and smaller in capacity.The system will save some temporary files in System disk after you visit the web page.If you don’t clean up temporary files folder in time, the disk space will be occupied by these temporary files and the speed will be dropped. What is more important is that a lot of virus and malicious procedures producing in the temporary files cause your systems to stop working.
    2. To clean the valueless data in the registry
    If you still do not know the registry, you can open the registry by entering “regedit” in Run menu from Start Menu of windows. You can make our system and your software more human by editing the registry. However, there are some great disadvantages in the registry. Security of WIN.INI and SYSTEM.INI that are the configuration procedures of the registry is not high and restricted by the size. That is, once your computer installed a lot of software, the registry was full, causing the speed of the system to slow. If you are a fan of net work, when you browse the network, hackers will change your registry and ultimately can control your computer or steal your important documents by making use of the character that the registry has low security.

    If you don’t know the specific location where files should be cleaned up in, and are worried to delete system files by mistake, which makes the system impossible to operate normally.Don’t worry, I can supply you several optimization software. Maybe you don’t think the optimization software can help you out of distress. But they are your right arms. They can clean temporary files and the registry and your privacy,increases your PC speed.Well adapted to computer users at different competence levels.You can click the website to find the satisfied software

    I wish my solution could help you.
    Good luck


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