what is the best way to connect my second PC to the internet ?

i have just bought a new PC and i was wondering how i go about connecting my old pc to the internet? my router is connected to my new PC down stairs and i also have 2 x boxes running off it what is the best way of doing this please.

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  1. Chris said:

    If you have a wireless router you have 2 options:

    Buy either an external wireless card or an internal wireless card (depending on your computer knowledge – external are easier to set up). See links below:

    http://tiny.cc/u7euv an external wireless usb card

    http://tiny.cc/y8bwH an internal wireless card

    If you don’t have a wireless router I reccommend this one:

    http://tiny.cc/75dYW a netgear wgr614

  2. D McC said:

    you will need to get a wireless adapter for the old pc to make it wireless, you can either get a usb one or a pci one, i recommend the pci type but they are harder to fit as you need to open the pc case and fit it to the motherboard using a spare pci slot, the usb ones simply plug into a usb port. either way install the software for it first before plugging the card in


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