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Why is my second computer so slow with the internet?

I recently bought a new laptop and ran ethernet cable under the house to feed my laptop with internet. I plugged the other end into our Verizon DSL Modem/Router since it has four ports, however, my laptop (second computer) is very slow when I go on the internet. The main computer still has fast internet though. Can anyone help?! Thanks.

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One Response to “Why is my second computer so slow with the internet?”

  1. NEW said :

    I think you have a problem with the cable (and probably in the little plastic ends) try simple troubleshooting by connecting the slow computer with the wire that’s connected with the main one, and see if it gets better then you know it’s the cable you can easily replace the ends.
    Also a nice way to see your connection stability by doing the following:
    1. click on the “run” command Button.
    2. write “cmd”
    3 write “ping -t”
    4 hit the enter key.
    By this your computer will send multiple requests to the yahoo server and gets reply for each request. And you can see how long does it takes to get every reply. If you noticed many “request timed out” messages then you have a problem,, okay?
    hope this helped


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