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does having too much security on your computer slow down your internet?

just got a new computer with vista 64bit, installed avg and zone alarm. i also got a new net gear router. and my isp is with cox. the internet is fast but sometimes some pages take a long time to load. the isp provider said that when you have to much security it can slow your load times, is this true?

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2 Responses to “does having too much security on your computer slow down your internet?”

  1. Rodney said :

    zone alarm is a bloated piece of trash, it hasnt been good software for many years now, it was once good but got bought up by some shady company. Besides if you have a router it has a built in hardware firewall which is better anyway. And just use the windows firewall for application control.

  2. edy4sure said :

    It is true that two or more computer security software programs running simultaneously can slow down your system. But if you know what your doing, you can make your computer secure, fast, and safe at the same time. I use AVG internet security, spywareblaster, superantispyware, and malwarebytes anti-malware all in one place. They have all been running together without significantly affecting my system’s speed and for close to six months now, has kept me safe. You can also achieve this by following the informative link/hubpage.


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