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Does having to many desktop items slow down your computer?

Im talking about the many pictures you can add to your desktop to make it cluddered. Does that make your computer slower?

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7 Responses to “Does having to many desktop items slow down your computer?”

  1. Rensl0w said :

    No, but if I was you I would make a folder for pictures and certain things. It does take up hard drive space of course.

  2. Kelsie said :

    Yes, because your computer has to hold all the icons as well as load them every time you turn your computer on. As the other person suggested, just link to a folder that contains all your links, pictures, etc.

  3. juno said :

    It depends on your Ram, but I think that having too many programs is one of the main things that slows down a computer. If you had a bunch of New Folders on your desktop It wouldn’t change much. But if each Icon was a shortcut to a different program, I can see how that would slow your computer down.

  4. The Hum said :

    i wouldn’t think it would slow your performance
    however it would slow your start-up

  5. Kathryn P said :

    do you have them ON your screen all the time, or just on your desktop computer stored on the hard drive?

    Anything you put on your desktop screen (when you boot up you see them right there) takes memory resources. The more things you have the more memory is used…. same goes for windows backgrounds, they take up resources…

    Memory is what runs your open applications. If memory resources are used up with all these tiny things, and fancy backgrounds, and bunch of un-necessary things loaded on startup (look for startup cop and run it to remove those).. take up valuable resources and makes your computer run slower.

    Also, clean out the hard drive, if you fill it up, you have less elbow room. Rid yourself of temporary internet files, internet history, and temp files…

  6. DW said :

    No. Your computer has to use some of its graphics capability to display the icons, but that’s a tiny portion of its capability, you’d never be able to measure the difference. 20 years ago you would have noticed the time it took to re-draw the icons, but not now.

    However, one type of clutter usually indicates other types of clutter. Do you have a lot of extra software you don’t need? Drive mostly full with extra files and duplicates (because you couldn’t find them the first time until you created a desktop shortcut for each)? These can slow the computer.

  7. dave47561879 said :

    yes it does. it uses more RAM. I know this because it is happening to me!


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