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Will having games on your computer slow it down?

I just got a new Nvidia graphics card, and it runs blazing fast. I was wondering if having games installed on your computer slow it down when not in use.


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3 Responses to “Will having games on your computer slow it down?”

  1. Jerry J said :

    Probably because of the software loaded for both the graphics card and games

  2. olg4436 said :

    When a game is installed, but not running on your system it will not slow down (for the most part) the performance of your system. The only case in which it will affect the performance of your computer (ever so slightly) is in hard drive seek times as your hard drive will now have additional data to sort through when looking for files and or programs. However, this is to be expected as you install more files and programs onto your system whether they’re games, pictures, videos other programs etc.. Only begin to expect significant system slow downs if your hard drive becomes fragmented or as it begins to fill.

  3. John L said :

    Keep up with your maintenance and it should be ok…

    Delete any unused or unnecessary programs and files. These may be taking up space, memory and resources, thus slowing your computer. Also delete your cashe/ temp files, empty your recycle bin, clear your internet browsing history, etc.

    Clean your registry. Your registry holds all the information regarding updates, installs, uninstalls etc. so this needs to be cleaned. This will optimize and remove redundant or unwanted items.

    Defrag your hard drive. This will greatly increase the speed and reliability of your operating system. I would use a third party tool for this. Try Diskeeper, it considered the best. You can download free trial-ware at


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