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Does loading games on to your computer slow it down?

I have a new Imac with bootcamp so I have Windows XP as well. If I load a game will it slow the computer down at all? I dont know much about computers and my old PC after about 5-6 years was extremely slow so will installing games be detrimental in the long run? Also, if it slows down, will the uninstalling the game fix any problems?

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6 Responses to “Does loading games on to your computer slow it down?”

  1. Lexxi said :

    yes it can cause its using up your hard drive and memory if you get more memory it should run better

  2. balplaya4404 said :

    Installing games or programs wont slow down your computer at all. Running a lot of programs at once will.

  3. xmike said :

    i don’t really think that will help if u delete ur games in your system, cause it already take over your space in your hard drive.

  4. Jeremy said :

    Putting new games on your computer will do NOTHING to performance level. Hard drive capacity/remaining space does not change performance one bit. Running the game will slow down the computer, but simply installing it will not.

  5. Blue said :

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  6. Table said :

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