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What is a good Anti-Virus program that won’t slow down my computer?

I just bought a Fujitsu T4220 Tablet PC. I need a good anti-virus software that isn’t gonna screw up or slow my computer down. The price of it doesn’t matter. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!!

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9 Responses to “What is a good Anti-Virus program that won’t slow down my computer?”

  1. id36uk said :

    ESET NOD32 has the lowest footprint
    AVG (Grisoft) is free

  2. saif said :
  3. SpoilleR said :
  4. Ricky B said :

    NOD 32

    they have excellent detection rates.

  5. Illusion said :

    There are atleast a dozen of Antivirus software that you can go for. I have worked with a couple of them. With respect to security and effectiveness they all scored good, but yes some of them were very resource hungry. Reason for some of the antivirus program to use a lot of resource is that there are a lot of different services running individually for different purpose. These days security software comes along with antivirus, antispyware, anti-trojan, firewall, behavioral software, etc. So altogether all the components take up resources individually which adds up to a big amount.

    However AVG i’ve been using for more than 2 years now and it works absolutely fine. Its really low on resource. Yes but you need a third party firewall program along with it.

  6. ABKThor said :

    The latest non free version of avg is excellent. That said when it is running a scan it eats resources like nothing I have ever seen. It will find more than any other consumer level program I have ever tried and will almost always find things if you run it on any machine with other consumer level software running. That all comes at the price of things slow down big time when it is running scan. A simple sql select statement will go from taking a few milliseconds to up to five seconds to complete. All in all though just run your scans at night and avg is a great program that works as good as all the other consumer level programs and is as cheap or cheaper than them as well.

  7. betty said :

    Learn how to clean up your computer and speed it up here:
    <--- Good luck!

  8. Peacemaker said :

    NOD32, AVG 8 or kaspersky in that order for lowest resource usage.

    Also remember to disable unwanted programs from hogging resources.

    Keep the hard drive defragmented for optimum performance. Fragmentation is like a sickness that can reduce the performance and health of drives. Use an automatic defragmenter to keep the drives in good shape; you wont need to waste time manually defragging or setting up schedules. Google ‘fully automatic defragmenter’ for more info.

  9. jodie_microsoft_smb said :

    Take a look at Microsoft Security Essentials – it’s a free download that won’t’ take up a lot of resources. MSE will work with genuine Windows O/S and defends against spyware, viruses, worms, trojans, and other malicious software. This link will help:

    Jodi E.
    Microsoft SMB Outreach Team
    [email protected]


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