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why does my computer slow down very much all of the sudden?

I recently had spyware on my computer, but i used yahoo’ spyware scan to find spyware. It found a few items and i removed them all. After that, i think my computer was back to normal, until burned a dvd and left it there while i was out. I came back a night and found out all the program i tried to run was very slow (hardly loading at all). please let me know if you need more detail to help me fix my computer.

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8 Responses to “why does my computer slow down very much all of the sudden?”

  1. Samuel Adams said :

    This is most likely due to Malware (computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, dishonest adware, and other malicious and unwanted software). You will need to run full anti-virus/spyware scan and clean your registry. I recommend you use these programs (they are free).

    1) AVG Free anti-virus

    2) Ad-aware spyware remover

    3) Spybot – Search and Destroy spyware remover

    4) CCleaner – registry and privacy cleaner

  2. starflame99 said :

    well……the program ur using…if u got it off the inet may have come with a virus…i would do a virus scan and remove all of the viruses if there are any

  3. Benji P said :

    run a full service scan
    its free

  4. John A said :

    run anitvirus, then spyware removal, then defrag and disk cleanup, remove all media from the computer(like cd’s, dvd’s floppy’s, etc.) not your memory, and restart the pc. anything after that you need to check your physical memory(virtual memory) RAM

  5. Joe M said :

    you might still have a virus or something – but more than likely you’ve got too much stuff running in the background taking up memory and processor power.

    press ctrl+alt+del and go into task manager, switch to processes, make a list of everything on it – and then search online for instructions on how (and if) to remove each item.

    If it still lags out, then search online for free virus scanning software.

  6. Bobby said :

    It sounds like the classic virus, i would highly reccomend getting some of those anti virus things that the first guy reccomended. The other possibility could be your computer needs defragged. To do that follow these steps.

    This site should help you, it helped me.

  7. blade said :

    You should use “Noadware”:It’s very effective.I don’t have anymore problems with spyware,pop-up, Trojan or computer viruses.Now, you can download and try for FREE.Check it out here:

  8. Stire said :

    There are some softwares you can download to speed up your computer.
    First,You should Fix Corruption and Errors within your registry.The registry is a main part of your computer’s Operating System. With time, as you use Windows and install and uninstall programs, your registry will get congested and full of errors. So your computer could slow down. So, if you can clean it up this problem can be solved.Sometimes you can speed computer up by 300%. To clean up registry,You can download a software called regsitry cleaner—Clean registry,remnant,corrupt files and temp files,history,cookies,etc.. This site:
    lists top 5 registry cleaner,you can download and scan for free.
    Second,Get rid of spyware/adware in your computer.spyware/adware hamper your computer’s performance.It use system resources and slow your computer down.

    So, to speed up your slow computer, use a registry cleaner software and clean your registry files first. It will make all the difference, and provide you with the immediate fix you need for your slow computer.Then,download a good anti-spyware to get rid of spyware/adware in your computer.


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