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How do I find the “recycle” bin and would that slow down the computer if not emptied out occasionally?

My computer slows down like I said occasionally and more often lately than not. Anything else I can do to bring it back to it’s previous speed?

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7 Responses to “How do I find the “recycle” bin and would that slow down the computer if not emptied out occasionally?”

  1. cuite said :

    emptied it will be fine you can clean the bin out any time,it is on the desktop if not in the hard drive

  2. things that make you go hmmmm said :

    typically its located on your desktop its an icon of a trash bin with green arrows going in circles

  3. Balk said :

    The Recycle Bin icon isn’t on your desktop??
    That’s odd……
    Anyway, the Recycle Bin can be set to delete stuff when the folder reaches a certain size.
    You don’t have to manually delete stuff in that hidden folder. Manually deleting the stuff will not make your computer slower. If you leave the stuff there, then that won’t make your computer run slower either.

  4. *Ginelle* said :

    Recycle bin is located on your desktop screen. Empty it regulary.

    Check for installed programs on your unit that you do not use. Sometimes, when you’re online, you may inadvertently download programs or install stuff without your full knowledge or consent. These junk programs slow your system down. Remove them carefully and hopefully that improves your system speed.

  5. dwightl.geo said :

    right click your start button and click on EXPLORE.

    when windows explorer opens up look in the left frame for the recycle bin. click on it and the click on the empty recyle bin button.

    when you have windows explorer (this is different than internet explorer) open BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU DELETE. YOU CAN MAKE YOUR COMPUTER STOP WORKING IF YOU DELETE THE WRONG FILES AND APPLICATIONS

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