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Computer is running EXTREMELY slow, took 24 hours to install XP, how can I find out why?

Intel Pentium 4 processor 1.3ghz, 128MB RAM, 18GB hard drive, tried new installations of XP, ME, and 98, so slow it took 10-24 hrs for each one, computer slow after install, 10min to load windows.

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7 Responses to “Computer is running EXTREMELY slow, took 24 hours to install XP, how can I find out why?”

  1. Alvin L said :

    you might need to replace the memory if its running that slow. when you install it do you get a blue screen ?

  2. Mike said :

    well you computer is really poor……128 of ram is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Weak,,,,it should be at least 512 mb …..and also you hard drive is small,,,,so NEVER install tow windows and make sure you increase the Ram….and Format your hard drive,,,bye

  3. DON "I am the king" said :

    ok u can increase the speed of ur system by upgrading ur memory means RAM make it 512MB or 1GB for better performance. if u can change the 18GB harddisks and buy a 40GB or 80GB harddisk it is very cheap now. ur system is slow because of the slow clock speed 1.3ghz and the low memory.
    i think my suggestion solves ur problem. if yes mail me. good luck!!!!!!!!!!

  4. davidis99 said :

    The last time I had a problem like that, my PC’s hard drive was starting to go. Given that you have a first generation Pentium 4 PC (5+ years old), this is a likely possibility. While you can purchase a replacement hard drive, it may be time to consider a new PC purchase.

  5. Mickey L said :

    Your problem is not an uncommon one. If you re-installed windows, it will do a lot of good for your computer. However, it you didn’t re-install it under the proper conditions. It can cause the situation that you have now. Ill explain

    Re-installing your operating system has created a lot of duplicate copies of files located in your registry. These unnecessary keys use a lot of your computer resources and eat up RAM and free space. This is a recipe for a computer lockup, slowdown or a freeze. Scan your registry if you pull up more than 30-40 errors or un-used keys, clean your registry. This is the problem. If this doesnt work the page below gives you information on registry cleaners and other tweaks to stop freezes and slowdowns.

    Hope this helps

  6. Jeff F said :

    Wow, your PC is toooooooo bad. You should use P4 2Ghz (minimum), 1GB RAM. And your HDD’s capacity is tooooooooo small. I think you must change everything.

  7. opraus said :

    See for solutions to slow computer syndrome.


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