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Why is my computer running slow after running system recovery?

I perform a system recovery becuase my computer was running slow, and after that, my computer is running good but not as fast as when i bought it. im thinking of using a cleaning registry but I heard that is bad? what can I do to make my computer go back to running fast?

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5 Responses to “Why is my computer running slow after running system recovery?”

  1. MYMFHO said :

    well, the more Gbs you have on your computer, the slower it will its mostly about storage…

  2. Keith M said :

    The computer manufacturer may have installed software and programs that run at start up. You might also have installed programs and they may have set themselves to run at start up. This is done so the programs open faster when you need them. The problem is that when so many of these programs are running in the background it starts slowing your computer and making it take longer to start and shutdown defeating the intended purpose.
    You can go to msconfig and under the start up tab eliminate some programs from running at start up. These programs will still open when you want them but they will not be constantly using RAM when you are not using them.
    Or you can use this Microsoft tool and it will scan for several things and suggest to you programs you can disable from running at start up. Do not disable your anti virus if it lists it.
    Here are some other useful tools
    Keep your computer de-fragmented once a month or so.
    CCleaner has a registry cleaner and is very widely used. I also use it after uninstalling programs and trust it. It has an option to back up the registry before it cleans it so you can restore it if you have problems. On this page select download latest version in upper right corner (Green)
    EDIT- Ads for other registry cleaners will appear but do not download them to get CCleaner.
    Since you recently performed a system recovery you should have recieved a lot of updates from Windows and from the computer manufacturer. After running the updates several times and installing any software you might want to defrag.

  3. Hjfhjg Hhh said :

    The problem with slow computers is that most of the time. It’s all to do with a hidden part of your system .This part of your system is called the ‘registry’ and is a huge database which stores all the settings and options for your PC.The reason why the registry is responsible for making your computer run slow is because it is actually prone to getting corrupt and damaged. Because Windows is constantly using the database when you’re using your computer, it’s constantly got 100’s of registry files open. This unfortunately means that Windows gets confused, leading it to save the registry files wrong, making them incredibly difficult for your computer to read. Think of them as files which are all jumbled up, making your computer have to spend longer to read them. You just need to be able to clean out all the damaged files from the registry, allowing Windows to read all the files it needs, when it needs them.And to do this, you just need to use a tool called a ‘registry cleaner’.I should like to commend Registry Easy to you !

  4. Guys Yan said :

    It must be somethong wron in the registry.
    you need clean uo registry to stop computer slow.

  5. Methew said :

    One way to speed up your system is to select a good PC optimizer and System cleaner such as reginout from Intel Software Directory


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