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Computer slow after getting rid of virus?

So on Sunday, I got rid of a nasty little virus called Antivirus live. I had to use combofix to get rid of it. So I got rid of the virus and now everything runs slow. Even if I do a “quick scan” on malwarebytes, it would take hours to scan, and by that time it hasn’t found any viruses at all. Funny thing; even with the virus, my computer was never as slow as it is now. So what should I do?
I tried doing system restores, but those would always end up incomplete.

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8 Responses to “Computer slow after getting rid of virus?”

  1. hgcstnd805 said :

    Reinstall your operating system or run a registry cleaner that should work

  2. The King said :

    Well, take the time, and do a full system scan. Let in run in the background while your on it.

  3. Jamie said :

    Perhaps you should try running MalwareBytes again, just to be sure that you don’t have any malicious files or programs on your computer.

    Also, perhaps you should try running the Disk Defragmenter by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter.

    If that doesn’t work, perhaps you should try getting rid of some of the programs and files that you don’t really use anymore.

    If your computer is still running slowly, you may want to reformat the hard drive and start fresh. If you choose to reformat, however, I would suggest that you back up all of the files that you would like to keep, as everything will be erased.

    You could burn them to a CD or put them on a flash drive or external hard drive, if you have one. You could also purchase one at a store, such as Best Buy.

    Good luck and I hope I helped you!

  4. Samitha said :

    now you download AVG anti virus:
    then scan your computer.

    Or buy Kaspersky 2010 and install it.after scan your computer in deep scan.

    i think this answer is helpful for you.

  5. Darkness 13 said :

    Wow you would of thought once the pest virus gone it would be back to normal.My old computer did the same thing and i used to do restore every 3 days but the one i did is where you put the date your self.I had to get rid of it and now i have to get another’ as this one is my young sons.

  6. Keyano Reev said :

    Computer slow due to following reason:

    –> Viruses and Spyware
    –> Hard Drive Fragmentation
    –> Hardware Conflict
    –> Too Many Start Up Programs
    –> Outdated Computer

    follow the given steps to speed up your computers

    Step 1.
    Take time to delete all unwanted programs from your desktop, or other file folders. Be sure you do not need them, and make sure that if you wish to keep them that putting them in a folder would be the better choice than to just keep saving files and documents. Also make sure that when you do delete items, that you will not use them again, and then lastly dump your ”recycle bin”.

    Step 2
    Do a scan of your computer with an Ad Aware program. This will clean up all of those pesky ads that sites download that you may not even know about. Many times your computer will run faster if this step is done alone.

    Step 3
    Scan your computer for virus’s. This is a very important step. You should designate one day a week where by your computer will automatically run a virus program for you. By doing this step, you know your computer will be free of nasty virus’s and you will not pass on any of those nasties to any other computer.

    Step 4
    Lastly take time to defrag your computer. Many of us always forget this. If you have Windows go into your ”control panel” select ”administrative tools” then select ”computer management” Under the tab ”storage” you will find ”disk defrag” at this point you can select which drive you wish to do. Also you can analyze your drives or you can defrag. Suggestion: only defrag after you have accomplished your other steps. This will ensure a clean computer.

    Step 5
    If the above steps have failed and you do not notice a speed, then you may want to purchase more RAM.

  7. Dgbd said :

    The problem with slow computers is that most of the time. It’s all to do with a hidden part of your system which hardly anyone knows about. This part of your system is called the ‘registry’ and is a huge database which stores all the settings and options for your PC.The reason why the registry is responsible for making your computer run slow is because it is actually prone to getting corrupt and damaged. Because Windows is constantly using the database when you’re using your computer, it’s constantly got 100’s of registry files open. This unfortunately means that Windows gets confused, leading it to save the registry files wrong, making them incredibly difficult for your computer to read. Think of them as files which are all jumbled up, making your computer have to spend longer to read them.There’s an easy way to fix this and make it run as fast as it would if it were new. You just need to be able to clean out all the damaged files from the registry, allowing Windows to read all the files it needs, when it needs them.And to do this, you just need to use a tool called a ‘registry cleaner’.I should like to commend Registry Easy to you !

  8. Giedrius said :

    It is likely that you still got something. Check which processes uses up processor. (press ctrl+shift+esc and look under proceeses, sort them by CPU).

  9. computer support said :

    Will be back for any updates.


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