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Why do computer run slow AFTER you play a game and close the program?

My computer is fast, then my g/f will play Sims 2 on the computer. When she is done and she closes everything I have to restart the computer because it will go very slow if I dont.

I understand the computer going slow while Sims 2 is up, but I want to know why it goes slow ever after the game is exited?

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3 Responses to “Why do computer run slow AFTER you play a game and close the program?”

  1. check_himu said :

    It means that you have a large size pf(page file). It’s a space on your hard disk that Windows uses as RAM. When you play game and it takes up lots of RAM, it transfers other things to HDD. When you exit the game and ram is freed, it again loads all the things back to ram from hdd. It’s slow because transfer speed of hdd is much lower than ram.
    If you have a good amount of ram like 1GB or GB or higher, try decreasing the value of your virtual memory to a lower amount say 512MB. To know how to change it read this

  2. mikefromspace said :

    it has to do with how your hard drive is arranging memory space most likely. Defragment may fix this. There are other things used to speed up the system by clearing out the temp files, etc…. I’d google it if the defrag doesn’t work.

  3. Dan said :

    It has to do with your COMPUTERS RAM and also that it gets hot after yo play. When you close the game the RAM and virtual memory are still setup for it. You can go to and get FreeXPRam. That means it will fix it for you. Search on there are free ram freeing programs.

    You can also add RAM to your computer if you dont have enough. A lot of time it will be the ONLY reason this happens. Anything under 1Ggig of RAM is to low.


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