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how do i play runescape on a slow computer?

i want to play runescape and i used to be able to o my computer but now when i click PLAY it just shuts down my enternet window!!! how do i play it without spending money to clean it?

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4 Responses to “how do i play runescape on a slow computer?”

  1. Melissa said :

    Get a life! Runescape is for people who ain’t got a life!

  2. Geddy said :

    Sounds more like a virus. If you have windows, (By the sound of it, it probably IS windows), Then go into;

    Start > All Programs > Accesories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup. Try that.

    If that doesnt work. Try cleaning your web browser.

  3. That Guy said :

    Well its in the worng section but increase the RAM of your PC

  4. Syn said :

    You could always download the .Exe file for Runescape. It was made to be able to run on slower computers that couldn’t keep u with the html version(using a web-browser)


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