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if you stop an app the wrong way does it slow your computer down?

What happens if you stop an application that still has undeleted virtual memory(ram)? Does it slow your computer down?
EXAMPLE: stopping Google earth with the task manager’s processes tab.

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3 Responses to “if you stop an app the wrong way does it slow your computer down?”

  1. saadj78611 said :

    nope it does not slow it down

  2. Lozza D said :

    I’ve had that problem when games and stuff wont shut down properly. The window closes, but according to task manager it is still running. Which can cause major lag if its using lots of memory. But closing it through the processes tab in task manager (ctrl-alt-delete) should stop it running completely and not slow your computer, apart from maybe a few seconds after when its closing the window.

  3. Mike S said :

    It can do that yes. What happens is that the task manager process listing does not show all the processing OR the processing going on in the system is burried inside a process that you see in task manager but can’t tell what drives the processing. Easiest way to deal with it is the simple reboot.


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