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Would installing Windows 7 on a 5 year old computer slow it down?

It’s just because I heard that installing new software on an older computer can really slow it down and this is very much the case with my computer. I’m running Windows XP so would installing Windows 7 be likely to slow it down do you think?

Thanks guys 🙂

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10 Responses to “Would installing Windows 7 on a 5 year old computer slow it down?”

  1. Caolan C said :

    Yes. Windows XP is the newest i’d go for a slow computer.

  2. Andy said :

    well the min specs are 1 gb ram 2 is better and about 15gb hhd and 2ghz processor

  3. soccer_str said :

    no it shouldnt.
    Its better if you install new software on any computer.

  4. Jamie said :

    depends on the RAM.
    If you had a 1Gb ram, probably not, if anything it would speed it up
    but most machines more than 5 years old with XP have around 128mb – 256mb
    so probably not
    but it all depends really, add more details and i’ll edit my answer to tell you

  5. Bowei said :

    yes. windows xp computers came with standard ram of 256mb/512mb/1gb. it was mainly in the 512mb range. i could barely run widnows 7 on 1gb since i tried this.

  6. Rob said :

    for a computer that is 5 years old I would say doing a clean install using windows 7 starter depending on it’s spec. but what every you do if yu get windows 7 do a clean install because it is basicly like a new compter. he you got the spec though get hom premuim

  7. raj_2003 said :

    Please go to this site and download/install “Windows 7 upgrade adviser”.
    This tool will tell you every thing you need to know. Since you are on XP, you cannot upgrade directly to Windows 7. You have to do what is called ‘manual install’, means you have to re-install programs. Your data remains intact though.
    Couple of secrets
    1. You can save a lot of money by buying the “Windows 7 upgrade” instead of “Full Retail version”. Upgrade DVD will see that you have genuine XP installed and will allow you to upgrade to Windows 7.
    2. Your data will remain intact, unless you format the drive. Also, old programs are copied to a directory ‘C:windows.old’, if you want.

    If you have a reasonably faster processor and 2 GB+ memory, Windows 7 is faster or at least comparable to XP.

    I did this on my 4 old system and I love it.

  8. HACK47 said :
  9. Xuming said :

    Installing newer versions of Windows on a computer that old would definitely take at least some hit on performance, and it is likely that with an older computer that you won’t be able to use all of the ‘cool gliding windows and fading glowing buttons and transparent windows and fade-in Start Menu’ and stuff like that. And additionally, it costs about $150 because you can’t upgrade directly from XP.

    Instead (this is what I use)…

    Try Ubuntu:
    It is at least twice as fast as any Windows (startup time and run time), and if Ubuntu is still too slow, you can try CrunchBang:

    There’s a really small learning curve switching to Linux compared to switching to Mac. And as an added bonus, it and almost all of the applications you can download for it in its built-in software center (read ‘Free App Store’) are free (as in free speech AND as in free beer)! It also includes everything anyone can want to get started, including an office suite (Microsoft Office-esque), a web browser, and image editor, among other things.

  10. Regnancystu said :

    There are MANY reasons for computer slow downs:
    not enough memory
    too many programs starting up with windows at boot up time
    too many junk files
    too many restore points

    Clean windows registry can speed up the computer.
    Over time, you install new programs, uninstalled unimportant programs, update software’s, install new devices,
    download files from the web, etcetera, hence embarking all records in the registry system.
    This is normal, but it is not wise to leave it untouched.
    Once in a while, you have to check and remove files that are no longer in use to maintain the speed of your PC.
    Clean registry make pc faster.


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