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I have a Gateway Solo 5300 laptop Windows XP. I installed a PCTooLs antivirus and since then my computer slow?

Why is my computer runs so slow after installing PC TOOLS anti virus software? Previously, I used Mac Afee and Norton and I have never experienced that.

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5 Responses to “I have a Gateway Solo 5300 laptop Windows XP. I installed a PCTooLs antivirus and since then my computer slow?”

  1. Adeline said :

    the registry of your operating system needs to clean, This type of problem occurs when registry is overloaded with irrelevant information and corrupted files so it is necessary to clean and fix the errors, this can be done manually but depends if you have some know how to sort out the corrupted files, or use PC optimizer registry repairer software like Reginout.

  2. Kyle Newcomb said :

    anti virus program are to worst!!! on a serious note the reason your computer has become slow has to do with the fact that the anti virus program uses up system memory(ram) and processes(cpu speed). this is because these types of programs are always “running”. you could use a pc cleaner tool to fix your registry but i prefer to get rid of the program that is actually the problem. personal opinion would be to uninstall the anti virus program if you want your speed back. if you would rather have protection then you will lose the speed your computer normally had.

    p.s. do not pay for a program to fix your computer, please,please,please do it your self because it is easy to do. just search on google or yahoo answers “how to clean a computer yourself”.

  3. Nino Chin said :

    Try increasing your virtual memory by following the steps at the following web page:
    You can try some other tips listed there as well. I saw a few good ones.

  4. Benjamin said :

    This seems to be registry error use some good registry cleaner tool such as Reginout to repair the corrupt registry.

  5. Peter said :

    Sorry to hear about your problem. If you don’t want to buy a new system, there are quite a few tweaks you can do on your own:

    Remove unneeded startup programs

    Run a disk cleanup and defragger

    Clean up the Windows registry

    You can also download software that can do all three of these things automatically. I recommend tying it out and scanning your system for free at:


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