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Why does my computer go slow everytime I play a 3D mmo?

Ok for some reason every time I play an mmo like WoW or lord of the rings online, my computer goes slow. Im tired of it. My computers not that old(I have an emachines), but it works fine otherwise. Anyone know what to do?

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5 Responses to “Why does my computer go slow everytime I play a 3D mmo?”

  1. -DC- said :

    Probably low on memory or have an inadequate graphics card.

  2. WinCamXP said :

    It sounds like your PC wasn’t destined for gaming. Like the other guy said, the most likely causes are:

    1. You don’t have enough RAM. I suggest at the absolute least 1GB for that kind of game. 2GB is ideal.

    2. Your graphics card stinks. Get a good one like nVidia GeForce 8400 GS (that’s what I have) and it will run great.

    3. Your computer as a whole simply isn’t up to snuff. You can talk to a guy at Fry’s Electronics or Best Buy if that’s the case or if you don’t know what to do.

  3. Nathan said :

    In order to play 3D the pc needs certain components, 3d Capable video card, 3D monitor, and software. If older then about 8 months old it probably doesn’t meet the capabilities of 3D gaming. Here is link to what is required from an nvidia front for 3D.

  4. Laheira2 said :

    Your video card is sub par for the game… You need a video card with graphics acceleration capabilities and, at the very least 512MB of memory. Anything below that, will make the experience crappy. Try lowering the graphics in the game (you’ll find that under Options). If you have them set to high, lower to medium. If you have them at medium, then don’t even try to game using that system. The experience will be crap, literally. You can definitely run both games with older systems as long as the system has the right hardware for gaming (my machine is circa 2006 and both games always worked well even before I upgraded the video card, granted that when I got it, it was top of the line), but you do need the right video card to be able to game using your system.

  5. Hello Baby said :

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