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How much does limewire slow down your computer?

I’m not worried about viruses. I hear it slows your computer though. I was wondering if it will only slow down just while limewire is being used and running, or is it as long as it is on your computer?

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2 Responses to “How much does limewire slow down your computer?”

  1. Alex said :

    It depends, how much space do you have left? How much space does it take up and how many song are you downloading?

  2. Corey said :

    Please don’t use lime wire! That is the quickest way to let a virus into your computer. Laugh now and say that guy is a d.ick but trust me sir you won’t be laughing when you get one.

    If you MUST illegal download software/music/games/ext. use bittorrent. Its the best way to download things you want such as software/music/games/ext.


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