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Why does limewire slow my computer down so bad?

My computer will be running fast then I’ll download limewire free edition and withen a day my computer will be slow until I take limewire off. Why is this and is it the same with limewire pro?

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5 Responses to “Why does limewire slow my computer down so bad?”

  1. Faryaal said :

    really? lukily i stopped downloading it! pheww

  2. David said :

    spywear virus adwear those things got to slow down you computer i would uninstall limewire and get a antivirus program anti spywear and anti malware

  3. Amy Y said :

    it has a virus so when u download limewire it makes your computer very slow. trust me ive been there, aint goin back.

  4. James S said :

    limewire is a resource hog and the regular free version installs ADWARE or malware. I don’t know why people use a really crappy program.

    If you want a better filesharing program use ARES.

    I keep telling people not to use limewire but they do anyways.

  5. Fraggle said :

    Probably because of all the viruses it’s downloading.


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