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Why does computer jam up or slow down when playing games?

why on poga games, computer slows down or gets stuck in the middle of a game? only happens w/pogo gmes.

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2 Responses to “Why does computer jam up or slow down when playing games?”

  1. Matt Strong said :

    So this is just for that website or is that the only place that you play any sort of games?
    The most likely reason for the slowness is you computers RAM.

  2. Albert Merlin said :

    There are too many reasons will lead to the computer runs slow when playing high graphic games. Such as:
    1. The network speed.
    2. The computer was inflected with virus.
    3. The configuration of the computer could not support the game.
    4. The Cpu usage was enough.

    So, you should download some software to protect your computer. For instance a best software, Perfect Optimizer. It not only cleans up the virus, malwares in your computer, but also cleans up the junk files, turn off the programs load at startup. You could try it.


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