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Does having lots of files (mp3s) on your computer slow down the speed of the computer and internet?

Does having lots of files (mp3s) on your computer slow down the speed of the computer and internet? I still have 15 GB of free space and the total size is 107 GB.

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6 Responses to “Does having lots of files (mp3s) on your computer slow down the speed of the computer and internet?”

  1. Chyen B said :

    yes you need to convert them to a cd. then it should be faster! hope i helped

  2. Ron M said :

    No, what is “stored” on the hard drive has nothing to do with the speed of a computer. It could slow down the hard drive “seek” time, but not enough so that you would notice. If you have allot of data on your hard drive, just make sure that you keep it defragged, and that you have indexing turned on. That will help with the seek time.

    Seek time: The amount of time that it takes Windows to locate data.

  3. Windowphobe said :

    What’s probably happening is that your page file is severely fragmented. (When you max out your memory, the operating system writes some of the data to disk so it doesn’t get lost.)

    First run a disk-cleanup routine. (In XP, for instance, you’d right-click on the drive icon in My Computer, and then select Disk Cleanup from the General tab.) This may reclaim some space.

    A full defragmenting (under the Tools tab) might take several hours. Start it and go to the mall or something.

  4. Us said :

    The problem with slow computers is that most of the time. It’s all to do with a hidden part of your system which hardly anyone knows about. This part of your system is called the ‘registry’ and is a huge database which stores all the settings and options for your PC.The reason why the registry is responsible for making your computer run slow is because it is actually prone to getting corrupt and damaged. Because Windows is constantly using the database when you’re using your computer, it’s constantly got 100’s of registry files open. This unfortunately means that Windows gets confused, leading it to save the registry files wrong, making them incredibly difficult for your computer to read. Think of them as files which are all jumbled up, making your computer have to spend longer to read them.There’s an easy way to fix this and make it run as fast as it would if it were new. You just need to be able to clean out all the damaged files from the registry, allowing Windows to read all the files it needs, when it needs them.And to do this, you just need to use a tool called a ‘registry cleaner’.I should like to commend Registry Easy to you !

  5. jizmo said :

    Just having files doesnt slow the system down. But you do need to ensure that you do your HDD maintenance, which includes regular diskcleanups and defrag. Whenever you add or delete lots of files, the HDD gets fragmented and a severely fragmented drive can cause slowdowns. Download CCleaner and get rid of your temporary files and such. After that defragment. You can download and check out the trial version of Diskeeper2010. Its the best defragger out there. Set it to run on auto and go about your work.

  6. Massachussets J said :

    the hard disk space has nothing to do with your internet speed , check your internet speed using before and after freeing your hard disk memory there wont be any change for sure , the only way to increase the speed of the internet tangibly is by signing on to a higher speed


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