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Why does my computer slow down when I access a folder with a lot of video files?

I have a lot of videos on my computer (usually .avi files) and every time the directory in which they are stored in is opened, the computer becomes really slow. The same thing happens whether the files are stored on an internal or external hard drive. The files range from 300-800MB.

I’m running Vista Home Basic. I disabled the “show thumbnails instead of icons” under Performance Options. Anyone know how to fix this?

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4 Responses to “Why does my computer slow down when I access a folder with a lot of video files?”

  1. jessica.age12 said :

    Becase those files are very big. The more memory those files are the slower the computer will run?

  2. cody_hensyel said :

    because it uses alot of memory

  3. phonicuk said :

    Even though the “show thumbnails instead of icons” option is disabled, one of the oddities in Windows is it still reads each of the files in turn, and generates a thumbnail. Try switching to “Detailed View” for that folder and see if that helps.

    Otherwise, I’d find a way of better organizing the video files (into folders) so you don’t have so many in one folder, such as by name or category.

  4. hather said :

    Do you have adequate RAM? Vista needs a lot of RAM to function smoothly.
    Also have you defragged in a while? Get rid of unwanted programs, run diskcleanup and defrag using a good program like Diskeeper, just set it to automatic mode, it will defrag in the background without any conflict.


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