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Will too many files on the Desktop slow the computer? Or is the Desktop just another folder?

My friend and I disagree on icons on the Windows Desktop.

He says: Too many files on the Desktop slows the computer processing, especially if it’s a program or picture, that too many ‘resources’ are used. But shortcuts to a program stored elsewhere is OK.

I say: The Desktop is just another folder and the number of files doesn’t affect processing.

HELP!! Please.

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3 Responses to “Will too many files on the Desktop slow the computer? Or is the Desktop just another folder?”

  1. Lesleann said :

    Over time, the amount of space that is required by these “desktop items” can really bog down the system that they are placed on. When Windows loads, it must load all of these files on the desktop. If you have many, this will take a tremendous amount of time.
    Intricate wallpapers are also a system hog-try no wallpaper or a back background

  2. Drizzt5 said :

    You have to have quite a few # of Icons/files on the desktop to get a noticeable slow down. But even if it is just another folder like you said, you still can have a slow down if you open a folder with a lot of files in it.

  3. Kathy D said :

    Resources USED to be a problem in Windows 9x / ME but in Windows XP since it does not use “Resources” as such and if you have much memory (1.5 GB) it is not an issue. For a bit of background … Windows 9x / Me used four fixed 64 KB stacks in which it sored pointers to its programs and items on the desktop. It also used these stacks for pointers to the fonts.. Windows XP uses dynamically allocated stacks and since it can efficiently swap stack space out of RAM and into Virtual Memory (disk memory) it NEVER runs out of stack space for all practical purcoses..) The desktop is simply a different representation of a folder (indeed it is located in “C:Documents and SettingsYour_Login_NameDesktop” and viewing it on the computer desktop is no different than seeing an Icon view of that folder.

    Some people however like neatness and want their workplace clean and like the desktop uncluttered so they can find things faater. Others work well in clutter. So… I feel it is more a matter of taste than having ANYTHING to do with speed since, as I said above, Resources is not a problem.


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