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how to make my slow computer run high definition video?

i have a 1.7ghz 512mb p4 computer, when i play high definition the video seems to not calibrate with the audio… is there any player which can make it play smoothly?

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2 Responses to “how to make my slow computer run high definition video?”

  1. AE-YA! said :

    Check you’re soundcard

    if that is working fine then try letting the video load then come back to it once it has loaded.

    If you dont like waiting for things to load first then try upgradeing you’re ram
    If you are running xp you should have about 1GB to be good
    If you are running Vista then you should have at least 2GB

  2. GaRbA said :

    try “the KM player” its korean multimedia player…. and i think it plays all format of video…… its reali good… u might get a free version of this.

    and ur system spec is enough for high defination video.


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