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Slow computer or slow internet connection? How do I tell?

How can I tell what’s running slow… my internet connection or the actual computer? This might sound like a dumb question, but oh well. Basically, I am trying to determine where I need to chock out the money on—- faster internet connection or an upgraded computer, etc. Please help. Thanks.

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10 Responses to “Slow computer or slow internet connection? How do I tell?”

  1. Stunatra said :

    If you have to ask, then most likely it’s either your Internet connection or BOTH.

  2. golfer2 said :

    First of all, run a scan with your anti-spyware,lots of spyware can slow it down very much.Not knowing what your internet speed is now, it’s a little hard to determine which should be upgraded.You didn’t say if you have dial-up, DSL, cable or how you connect to the internet.

  3. John W said :

    Go to and run a speedtest on your computer this will tell you how fast your internet connection is, If that seems ok then look at the computer itself. Unless your are running a lot of games with advanced graphics or do a lot of photo editing my bet is on the internet connection. Most people don’t use a much of their computer’s capabilities.

  4. Perfectest said :

    For running slow there are many causes:
    Microsoft Registry Problems = Slow Computer!

    Below can help you speed up your pc:

    For IE, click Tools, Internet Options delete files (offline files) clear history (set days to save to 0 if you want) click o.k., and Restart

    For Firfox, press ctrl+shift+del, and click clean private data.

    Manage your startup:
    Open your Start menu -> Click Run -> In the command screen type “msconfig.exe” -> In the “system configuration utility”, click either “service” or “startup” tab -> Uncheck all programs that your are no longer using.

    1. Right click of C Disk.
    2. Click properties.
    3. Click tools tab.
    4. Click “Defragment now”.
    5. Click Defragment.

    You can search which process full use you cpu, and end the process.

    Under steps:
    1. right click on the TaskBar.
    2. click the Task Manager.
    3. click the processes tab.
    4. double click the CPU.
    5. find if the “System Idle Process” is max.
    6. if not right click and click end process.

    Learn “Why Is My Computer Running so Slow?” and “How to Speed it UP”:
    Use the tool:

  5. july girl said :

    Learn how to clean up your computer and speed it up here:
    <- Good luck!

  6. Jenny said :

    Using a registry cleaner can clean up your computer and then make your computer faster,Why?the reason is that there may be some regsitry errors and remnant,corrupt files and temp files in your computer to cause “computer slow”.
    Everytime you install and uninstall software on your computer and surfing online you create junk in the computer registry.over time, the registry can grow to enormous proportions, especially if the various programs you’ve installed do not do a good job of deleting and/or updating it’s Registry entries.You need to scan and clean your computer with registry cleaner to make it fast.Good Regisry Cleaner will improve your computer and Internet performance dramatically!
    There are some comparison and review of TOP 5 registry cleaners.
    You can download and scan your computer for free.

  7. Best D said :

    With pc optimizer pro you can safely clean, repair and optimize your computer.
    It will help improve your system performance without expensive hardware upgrades.

  8. lizok05 said :

    You can check your internet speed here:

    But, of course, it’s possible that you have some problems like spyware/malware, junk files, registry errors etc.

    First of all run anti-spyware software, like AdAware or Spybot.

    Then you need to get of junk files. Actually, there is a tool that I find very useful – it’s a Windows optimization suite called BoostSpeed. It really works (tried it on a really old laptop). It’s not free, though, but it has a free trial period. Also check out their Disk Defrag – it’s faster and works better than the Windows one and is free.

    CCleaner has less tools, but is free.

    Also what sort of antivirus software do you use? If Nortnon – get rid of it, because it slows down the system a great deal. There are some good free ones – AVG and Avira. I know there are a lot of AVG fans there, but I prefer Avira.

    Hope this helped.

  9. James Waldrop - HostMyCalls Hosted PBX Service said :

    As some have said already in their comments, you should make sure you are getting what you’re already paying for in both the computer and Internet. Just because you’re getting the speed that you are paying for on the Internet, does not mean that you are getting the quality. I am referring to packet loss and delay which can disrupt any realtime application running over your Internet connection such as VoIP, video and gaming. Use this tool to test the quality of your Internet connection.

  10. Dwayne Tjelmeland said :

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