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When I start my PC it shows a message- you may be a victim of counterfeit software?

When I start my PC it shows a message- you may be a victim of counterfeit software and your computer did not pass validation and my computer getting slow. What shall I do.

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6 Responses to “When I start my PC it shows a message- you may be a victim of counterfeit software?”

  1. blamay22000 said :

    Go buy a legal copy of windows

  2. Springheel Jack said :

    Unless I misread what you said, it sounds like you have a pirated version of your Operating System.

  3. Mark said :

    Go and buy a legal copy of Windows.

  4. dude94 said :

    it same as me, this is what i do:
    1. Go to for wga remover according to your windows version, example: wga remover for windowsXP
    4. Double click to open it will do its job and ask to reboot
    5. Done.

  5. Jackey Joe said :

    First look somewhere on your computer case for a Windows authentication sticker. Read what it says For instance if it says Windows Vista Home Basic then that’s the OS that you automatically have a license for when you bought the computer. Copy the CD key from that on a piece of paper and then you can either call the PCs manufacturer to get a copy of the software mailed to you or Microsoft help desk to see if they’ll send you one. Hopefully, however you will still have your recovery disks you got with the computer when you bought it, or a recovery partition that will allow you to hit F8 or delete or F2 (whatever the screen tells you to press) at boot up to reinstall your operating system. Most people I encounter with these problems no longer have these disks, or they obtained their software illegally in the first place.
    Either way your only solution is going to be to install an operating system that passes authentication I’m afraid, and this is the safest way to do that.

  6. Phlll said :

    Is your copy of Windows actually legal?

    If so, you can contact Microsoft for help. They will help you revalidate your copy (sometimes mistakes do happen with Windows Genuine Advantage.)

    If the copy isn’t legal, get a legal OS. Linux is free.


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