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Can you download a torrent on wifi at McDonalds?

I want to download the latest series of LOST as I don’t have sky at university. However my uni bans you from downloading torrents. So I was wondering if you can use the wifi at somewhere such at Maccy Ds or Starbucks to download a torrent?

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4 Responses to “Can you download a torrent on wifi at McDonalds?”

  1. Jason B said :

    I couldn’t see why not.

  2. Sk8erchild0 said :


  3. Tony B said :

    Web pages and torrents are downloaded through different ports so if McDonalds have set up their wireless access properly they will have blocked the port used for torrents.

  4. texasogre said :

    It depends upon the specific network configuration, they could be blocking the protocol. On the other hand, it may be wide open without any content filtering at all.

    It couldn’t hurt to try.


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