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How can I dispose of my old cell phone ?

Most cell phone providers provide new phones to users but cell phone users have no idea what to do about the old one when their contract ends. Provider gives no information to users on how to dispose their old phone properly. The old cellular phone became twice useless especially when the user is switching providers, the old cell phone will no longer work with the new provider’s connection.

If your problem is properly disposing your old cell phone there are several things you can do starting with the manufacturer. You can check for the manufacturer’s websites and most of them started to take responsibility to take care of their obsolete phone models. You will see on these sites how to dispose properly your old cell phones or how to return them to the manufacturer for recycling.
Other ways to dispose of your old cell phone is by donating them on programs that refurbish them for many uses. There are locations where refurbished cell phones are distributed for victims of calamities or domestic violence to be in contact with their families or call for help. Other programs also accept old phones, refurbish them and sell to raise money for charities. There are nations where refurbished cell phones are distributed in rural areas for them to be connected.

If you want to get something for your old phone, you can check for companies who have buyback programs. These companies check old phone’s condition and provide certain amount of cash for it. You can even gather your friends old phones as well for large shipment of old phones. Companies’ websites will give you all the information you need on how to send the old phone and get tell you the how much you will get for it. You can also return old phones to the store where you bought it from, most of them are required to accept returned devices. The stores will be the one packaging and returning the old phones for recycling.

It is vital to dispose old cell phones properly; cell phone has batteries that can contaminate landfills. Remember that your old cell phones must be disposed off properly by returning it to the companies equipped to refurbish or recycle old phones.

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