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What should I do if I spill water on my cell phone ?

The size of a phone makes it more prone to accidents, especially when we are talking about water. When you accidentally drop your cellular phone in water, you are more likely to save it though time is not the essence. You are only given seconds to save your phone if you drop it in water, so fast act is needed even if you drop it in the toilet.

Next, you have to take the battery out without even turning the phone off. This way, you can reduce the risk of short circuit in your phone that may cause permanent damage. Towel-dry the battery and set it aside for thorough drying. The battery is most probably broken but luckily, batteries are replaceable and it does not cost much. If ever the battery is still working, it is best to get a new one to avoid battery leaks in the future that may cause more damage on your phone.

Dry your phone with a towel as best and gentle as you can and for crevices and sensitive parts, you can use cotton swabs. If you can disassemble your phone, might as well do it to dry all the parts separately if you drop it in water. Remember to take note how to put it back together. If your phone is a sliding or flip phone, keep it open to get maximum evaporation. In a case where you drop your phone in a salt water or beverage, rinse it with fresh water before you dry it to avoid build-ups that may damage your phone.

You can also rinse your phone in alcohol solution to help speed up the evaporation process. It is best to use alcohol with 95% concentration instead of rubbing alcohol with 70% concentration to displace the microscopic substances in your phone. After cleaning your phone, leave it in a cool dry place for three days for complete evaporation before you try to replace the battery and turn it on. Resist from turning your phone on if you drop it in a water to check if it is working for this may cause short circuit. Wait for 72 hours to ensure that even the slightest moisture is gone.

There is no need to send your phone back to the manufacturer if you drop it in the water unless your insurance includes water damaged. If your phone is water damaged, technicians can easily tell what the affected parts of your phone are. All cellular phones have moisture sensitive stickers inside that tell technicians if that certain part is damaged.

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