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How can I download a pc game without Administrator’s permission?

Because everytime I download a PC game or anything else, it always needs the Administrator’s permission. So, can you guys tell me on how to download something without the Administrator’s permission, if I use the guest user. Thanks and bye!

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5 Responses to “How can I download a pc game without Administrator’s permission?”

  1. raptor_clw said :

    You can download it to your “My Documents” folder. If you can’t download it even there, then you are out of luck.

    Generally speaking, security measures cannot be overcome using normal, non-intrusive means. They have been developed for decades, and are quite good.

    Summary :
    You can’t.

    Best of luck!

  2. tab_500 said :

    I believe you have to be logged into the Administrator’s account or a regular account. Guest accounts can be very limited to what they can install on the computer.

  3. pres said :

    Try creating an account not a guest account and give the privileges to download etc this is only possible way because there is no way one can do it in a guest account.

  4. game said :

    try here it best web

  5. Javed H said :

    if you are on windows start the computer
    as it is starting up press F6 or F8
    you should get a menu that asks how to start up
    say safe mode
    go into admin account and create a new account with admin priv
    restart the computer and login
    have fun!


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