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How can I improve the performance of my desktop PC?

I have a desktop PC from end of 2006 (Windows XP) and am wanting to improve its performance myself and with limited expenditure. It is terribly slow and inefficient. Any suggestions?

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2 Responses to “How can I improve the performance of my desktop PC?”

  1. Hilda said :

    try the following methods:
    1. Clean up registry to speed up computer.
    2. Decrease auto-runs to boost stat-up.
    3. Rational use of hard disk to fully utilize disk and avoid losing files.
    4. Defrag disks to improve disk speed.
    5. Remove junk files to free up disk space.
    6. Put shortcuts properly to boost desktop loading.
    7. Set virtual memory reasonably to fully utilize physical memory.
    8. Forbidden hibernation function to save disk space.
    9. Make a simple desktop to save system source.

    You can read the article HOW TO OPTIMIZE WINDOWS XP AND VISTA SYSTEM? to get more details on

  2. Anoetn said :

    Reduce the number of icons on your desktop


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