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How do i find out what memory to buy for my PC i run on windows XP?

Would it be better to but memory for PC or buy a external hard drive, please help me as i have no memory left on my PC. Thanks to everyone who answers.

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7 Responses to “How do i find out what memory to buy for my PC i run on windows XP?”

  1. Joji Bronner said :

    I would probably buy an portable extra hard drive so u can take anywhere.

  2. Farooq said :

    you should buy another hard drive for pc. mother board have extra space for connecting another disk. if it does not have then buy the external one

  3. Sreenath said :

    If you own a pc presently,I would suggest an external hard disk because otherwise all your data should be backupped and reinstalled into the new one. The cost of both external and internal hard disks are almost same.

  4. Gordon B said :

    If you mean hard drive space then an external drive would be easiest to install just plug in to a usb port.
    An internal harddrive would be slightly cheaper and is fairly easy to install if you feel comfortable opening your PC.

    You may also be able to free up space by cleaning out unnecessary junk from the PC, try ccleaner, uninstall any programs you don;t need – choose show all versions on add/remove programs as some programs keep old versions installed.

    If you mean RAM then that would involve opening your PC, has a scanner that will tell you what memory would be suitabe.

  5. Jonah said :

    You are confused over memory and hard drive space.
    They are not the same.

    You should go to the My Computer icon and right click it. Check its properties to see what space is left.

    Go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System, and select Defragmentation.
    Ignore it if it says its not needed and let it do a full hard drive defragmentation. This will improve the speed of the PC so that it can access files more effectively and quickly.

    You are running XP, is it Home or Pro version? It will need about 2Mb RAM memory to run reasonably but the more memory the better. I run a Dell from 2002 and its doing all I ever wanted with just 2Mb RAM. I was going to upgrade it to Vista but never have.

    If you PC is running very slow it is likely to be other issues like software running in the background, that you do not need to always be running. Drop me an email with further details about what you are using it for. Remember if you want the fastest then you will end up upgrading to a newer PC or Mac.


  6. responder5 said :

    If you are asking about RAM memory then the easiest way is to visit and run online memory scan.

    This will give you a full report on the exact memory installed on your p.c and the correct type to buy.

    When buying the RAMs always remember the

    1. Type
    This can be either
    DDR Ram (double data rate)
    DDR2 (Newer & Faster)
    DIMM Memory (basically for notebook memory)

    2. Speed
    This measures in frequency.
    SD RAMs come in PC66, PC100 and PC133 which equates to 66mhz, 100mhz and 133mhz
    DDR RAM comes in 266mhz to 400mhz (PC3200)
    DDR2 comes in 533mhz to 1100mhz (PC8800)

    3. Latency
    Latency is the time between initiating a request for a byte or word in memory until it is retrieved.
    If the data are not in the processor’s cache, it takes longer to obtain them, as the processor will have to communicate with the external memory cells.

    Latency is therefore a fundamental measure of the speed of memory: the less the latency, the faster the reading operation.

    If you are asking for hard disk space (used to save your files and install softwares), then buy an external one as it’s easy and portable to take it off when you are done using it.


    Hope this helps

  7. Ian said :

    You are very confused about memory.
    There are basically 2 kinds that effect you, RAM, and hard drive.
    Your first question indicated you were looking at more RAM, the second was that your hard drive was full.
    So, decide and ask again.


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