What is disk defragmentation ?

If your computer gets slower than the usual, disk defragmentation is one way to put the speed back up. Disk defragmentation takes care of the little problems that sometimes caused the slow performance of your computer. Defragmentation is a little computer maintenance that can make big and noticeable difference.

When you install or save something on your computer, it is not placed in just one location. Regardless if it is a program installed or a part of the computer operating system, the computer distributes these pieces in different places. The location of the files in the hard drive does not matter to the computer; it can find them as long as the computer knows where they are.

Disk defragmenter is a program that gives the computer more efficient file organization. After defragmentation, the file in your computer is easier to access, your data reorganized and there will be fewer gaps. A better way to understand disk defragmentation is to look through the computer data as books and the hard drive as the shelf. Let us say that one section of the shelf is filled with paperbacks or computer data, which you defragmenter is organizing. When you deleted three files, the paperback are deleted as well giving you three more spaces for storage.

If you are storing a bigger file, let us say a dictionary in your hard drive or shelf, it will definitely not fit on three small spaces you have, but if you run the defragmenter, it will slide over all the paperback giving you one large storage space. Now you will have a room for your large file, the dictionary. Your computer slows down if the bit and pieces of the file are scattered across your computer hard drive making it hard to find. With the use of disk defragmenter, your data are reorganized onto a single location instead of your computer looking for several locations to find a file.

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