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what is the mobile site for android apps?

i have an htc hd2 n i cant get any decent free apps that install using .cab and i dont feel like getting ripped off by microsoft to get a sappy app that isnt worth any money.
I know that the HD2 is a windows mobile. I just need the site for the android and as long as I can find any app that is .cab then I can install it and use it on my phone.

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4 Responses to “what is the mobile site for android apps?”

  1. call me faantastic said :

    i dont know what your trying to do coZ the hd2 is windows mobile and theres no way u are going to run android apps out of that thing unless u run android on it (u can using a hack and a really big memory card)

  2. Steve Jobs said :

    ok you do know the HTC HD2 runs windows mobile. if you mean Google’s HTML5 web interfaces, its just “ of program)”
    for example, gmail is “”
    if you buy an iPhone, you can download the Google Mobile App for just $67.99

  3. Depiz said :

    do you mean site for download apps like .cab when in windows mobile?
    android not using .cab extension for installer app, it use .apk

    if you asking where you can download .apk (for android) or .cab (for WM)
    you can get it here

    it have android section and also windows mobile section, you can get free app that can installed via file manager

    also from android you can install app from android market, and from WM you can install app from windows marketplace

  4. Allen Phoenix said :

    I think you can find anything (games&apps) you want. ALL FOR FREE!


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