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What kind of DVD media should I purchase for this?

So, I am planning to burn a classic and hard-to-find Hindi movie for myself. I need to burn it onto media that will be readable in a regular DVD player in India. Any hints on what kind of media I should buy? FYI: Hindi movies typically take up about 6.5 G – they are long.

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2 Responses to “What kind of DVD media should I purchase for this?”

  1. deluxmilkman said :

    dual-layered DVD-R for Mac.
    dual-layered DVD+R for PC.

    Or use programs such as DVD2oneX to compress.

  2. Terry M said :

    Most stand alone DVD players play the DVD+R media the best in my experience. You really don’t need a 6.5GB disc as there are many programs (freeware DVDShrink is great) that can slightly reduce the quality so that it will fit on a standard 4.7GB single layer disc.


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