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What kind of DVD player should I get that also allows me to watch online movies from netflix?

I want to get a DVD player that will play high Definition dvds, and will let me watch instant online movies from netflix

Any ideas?

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3 Responses to “What kind of DVD player should I get that also allows me to watch online movies from netflix?”

  1. MaskedMusketeer said :

    I’ve heard plenty of Blu-Ray players that come with Netflix streaming support. But unfortunately, never heard of a DVD-only player that supports Netflix.

    They typically cost $300-400.

    The possible alternative to that is an Xbox 360. It plays DVD’s, has a built in hard drive so you can store music / videos on it, and has Netflix support. (not to mention games). Xbox’s are really cheap nowadays and they make pretty decent units for home entertaintment. You can hook up a keyboard, wireless LAN dongle and remote control to it and turn it into a media center system.

    Asides from access to your MSN Messenger, Xbox will soon have Facebook and Twitter integration so its a good system to get if you are into the social networking stuff.


    The even cheaper alternative is to just get a Roku Netflix streaming box for $99

    and then buy yourself a cheap $30 DVD player.

  2. Sound Labs said :

    I think you mean blu ray. There are no DVDs that play high def content.

    Just search it, there are a few models are blu ray players and stream Netflix.

  3. agb90spruce said :

    For HD you need a Blu-ray player, not a DVD player. That said, one of the most reasonable is the Insignia player sold at Best Buy (it’s their house brand). Netflix and Best Buy just announced a partnership (See link). In Canada the basic player sells for $170 (2nd link).

    I suggest anyone replacing a DVD player these days consider a Blu-ray player. Why? Because, that way you have the capability to play Blu-ray disks if/when you find them at an acceptable price, and in the meantime Blu-ray players make a good upscaling DVD player for your existing collection.


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